Auto Electrical Repairs on Mazda Tribute in Coburg

Mazda Tribute for SRS and Auto Electrical RepairJen and Pete’s Mazda Tribute had a battery drain issue and SRS airbag fault. Found the battery drain to be an incorrectly installed reverse camera and was putting more than 3 milliamps of load on the battery all the time. This is way too much and can completely drain a battery over a couple of days and causes the alternator to work much harder than it needs to. The local Mazda dealership wasn’t able to sort out the issue, and wasn’t able to rectify the SRS airbag fault.

We found broken wiring and corrosion in three separate areas of the SRS system. Our G-Scan 2 scan tool pointed us in the right direction but we still had perform tests to pin point the location and reason for the open circuits in multiple areas.

All fixed, codes all clear and safe to drive again! And as always two trees planted with our environmental partner Greenfleet.


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