Air Conditioning

Air conditioning in a vehicle is an important feature for driver’s comfort on those hot days or for demisting windows on those cold nights in winter.

Greenamotive can do A/C servicing and repairs at your home, workplace or our offsite location and pride ourselves for repairing any air conditioning leaks rather than just “topping up” the gas. This is because the gas in an air conditioning system is EXTREMELY damaging to the environment. We ALWAYS reclaim any gas for recycling or proper destruction, it is illegal to just let it go to the atmosphere.

All vehicles we perform air conditioning service, re-gas or repairs have a leak detector dye added so we can find any leaks in the future as quickly as possible to help protect the environment.

We are a registered and ARC-licensed business under the Australian Governments Department of Environment and Energy and are kept up to date on the latest regulations, standards and technologies. We only use industry standard R134A refrigerant gas that modern vehicles are designed for also have dedicated equipment and oils for hybrid and electric vehicles.

Tips to keep your vehicle’s air conditioner cool:

  • Run the air conditioner for a few minutes every couple of weeks even during winter. This will circulate oil through the system keeping them well lubricated and all the parts running smoothly.
  • Keep the windows closed when your air conditioner is running. This will help the air conditioner cycle less making its life a little easier and save you fuel too, win win.
  • If you notice your air conditioning not getting as cold as it should then take it to an ARC-licenced business to diagnose any problems. Just look for the tick!
  • Get your vehicle’s air conditioning serviced and checked regularly by an ARC-licenced business. A poorly maintained a/c system can cost you more money in the long run.