Oil leak repairs on Mazda in Coburg

Mazda Tribute had a serious oil leak coming from the sump gasket area. this was a job we required to take offsite to our workshop as oil leak repairs of this size can be quite messy. Also have the engine open in the outdoors is not a good idea.

All fixed, road tested and rechecked. Clean as a whistle and not an oil leak in sight.

Subaru gearbox replacement in Northcote

Danny’s Subaru Outback making a terrible noise when driving. After some diagnosis we found that the input shaft in the gearbox had let go and required a full rebuild. The cost of a rebuilt gearbox on a Subaru tends to out way the value of the car so we managed to source one with low kilometres and fitted it with out any issues. Shifts smooth as butter and drives as quiet as a mouse… well compared to the noise it was making 😉