We can do a wide range of vehicle repairs at your home or workplace using quality parts from leading manufacturers and trusted suppliers. Some repairs are required to be done in our workshop but don’t stress, we offer free pick up and drop off service 10km from our workshop.

Repairs include:

Brakes: brake discs, brake pads, brake shoes and cylinders, cables, ABS systems, electric systems, brake fluid leaks.

Steering and Suspension: bushes, shock absorbers, struts, springs, fluid changes, steering pumps and racks, driveshafts.

Batteries, inspection, testing, replacement and charging.

Auto electrical, starter motors, alternators, sensors, fuses, relays, lighting, wiring and accessories.

Air conditioning, inspection, repairs and servicing. Trading license AU44752

Timing belts, petrol and diesel engines.

Radiators, cooling systems, hoses, water pumps, heaters.

Engine check light diagnosis, ECU scanning, key and module coding.

Fuel systems, fuel injectors, fuel lines and hoses, fuel pumps, fuel filters. Both petrol and diesel systems

90% of all repair work can be done at your home or workplace.

Some jobs may need to be completed off-site, for example where there is poor weather for consecutive days, an unsafe area to work on vehicle, large equipment required for lifting heavy components or larger repair jobs that require several days to complete.

When these circumstances arise, we offer pick up and return of your vehicle for your convenience as a free service providing the vehicle is driveable.

We have specialized tools, equipment and resources for most manufacturers including Toyota, Volkswagen, Audi, Holden, Ford, Honda, Hyundai, Kia, Mazda, Mitsubishi, BMW, and many more.

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Repairing an oil leak on a Toyota Rav 4