Servicing and maintenance of your vehicle is the most important part of ensuring your vehicle is safe, efficient and reliable.

All vehicles we service have their engine oil and oil filter replaced, while other parts and fluids required will depend on the model, age, kilometres and service interval due. We always perform a full safety check of the vehicle including:

  • Tyres, brakes, steering and suspension components
  • All fluid levels, condition and any leaks
  • Lights, wipers, seatbelts, spare tyre and battery check
  • Road test and full report

A report is given for your vehicle and all work that may be required or recommended after servicing will be fully quoted on request and given to you for approval before commencing any further work. Some jobs may need to be booked in for repairs at a later date prior to the next service interval.

With every vehicle service, your car plants two native trees with Greenfleet removing ½ tonne of co2 from the atmosphere and contributing to the biodiversity of native forests.

We offer 4 levels of vehicle servicing:

Logbook service: This service follows the exact procedures as set out in your vehicle manufacturers handbook. Lost your handbook? Never mind we have access to all technical specifications for all makes and models so we can tell you what is due when.

Minor service: This service consists of replacement of engine oil, oil filter, wiper blades, fluid top up, and full vehicle safety check.

Major service: This service consists of everything in the minor service plus where required: spark plugs, air filter, fuel filter, fuel injector cleaner, throttle body clean-out and any tuning and adjustments required.

Enviro service: This service can be added to any service or repair to offset your vehicle emissions for the number of kilometers traveled in between servicing. Options are 5,000km $25, 10,000km $50, or 15,000km $75. Even selecting the 5,000km option regardless of the kilometres you may travel will reduce your vehicle’s impact on the environment.

We can even work with you and tailor your service depending on your budget.

See our Contact page for bookings inquiries and our service area. You can read some Reviews here on our Facebook page.

Finishing up on a Toyota Corolla service in Ascote Vale